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Founder and Principal Parent Educator


Circle of Security Registered Parent Educator

AdvDip (Project Management)

PGDip (Psychology)

BBehSc (Psychology)

Lead Perinatal Wellness Educator, Peach Tree Perinatal Wellness


Who am I?

My name is Rani Farmer and I live in Brisbane, Australia, with my ever-supportive husband, two littlies, and teenage step-son.  Passionate about fostering secure attachment relationships between caregivers and their children, my interest in parent-child attachment began while in university then re-ignited when  diagnosed with postnatal depression/anxiety after the birth of my first child.

Since having children, I have become a strong advocate for perinatal and child wellness, working with families in my roles as Project Manager of a longitudinal birth cohort study and as a Perinatal Wellness Educator.  Such first-hand experience has provided an in-depth understanding of how everyday challenges can put strain on couples and parent-child attachment relationships, especially during those important first five years of a child’s life.  Sensitive and empathic in my facilitation approach, I encourage and support parents and caregivers to learn about their own emotional and attachment needs to then better understand and respond to their child’s needs and behaviours.

As Founder and Principal Parent Educator of Hands Holding Hands, I am hopeful the value of such workshops will appeal to all families and child-based organisations throughout Brisbane, South East Queensland, and beyond.

Giving back…

Through volunteering with Brisbane-based charity Peach Tree Perinatal Wellness, I have had the opportunity to support mothers through their own perinatal journeys, present “lived-experience” workshops to specialists and midwives, develop and facilitate emotional preparation workshops, and provide strategic business assistance.  It is important to me Peach Tree continues educating and supporting perinatal emotional health for families, so a percentage of all HHH workshop proceeds will be donated to Peach Tree to assist in maintaining these potentially life saving peer-support services.

Why the name?      

The “hands” analogy often referred to in COS content relates directly to those feelings of “security and support”… both for our children, and for ourselves as individuals and parents from family, friends, colleagues, etc.  As parents, you are seeking to learn more about emotional preparation, attachment, and relationships.  As an educator, my goal is to provide you with a supportive, understanding, and empathic environment in which to achieve this.  Therefore, Hands Holding Hands as a business will be the “hands” providing a safe haven for you through our workshops.