Becoming parents...

Research has shown three factors in particular may impact satisfaction during the transition to parenthood:

1)  Pre-baby expectations;   2)  Changes in communication; and  3)  Post-baby marital strain.

PEPP Talks can help you prepare for these challenges and more!

Who should attend the PEPP Talks?

Expecting parents wishing to prepare emotionally (both as individuals and couples) for their transition to parenthood

Expecting parents worried about juggling their different roles when baby is born (eg. as parent, partner, employee, etc)

Expecting parents who wish to better understand their own and their child’s emotional and attachment needs

What is 'emotional preparation'?

“Understanding parenthood as a rite of passage expands a couple’s awareness to: 1) the need for different adjustments; 2) respect the significance of this life change; 3) approach the transition as learners rather than experts; and, 4) appreciate the benefits of social support.  Particularly these days when life before and life after, especially for the mother, can be vastly different.”  – Elly Taylor, “Becoming Us”

The PEPP Talk workshops cover the emotional realities and challenges that come with not only conception, pregnancy, and birth, but also the period of time after baby comes home.

Where are workshops located?

Workshops are held regularly in and around Brisbane.  Please click on “Register now” for available workshop information.

Alternatively, workshops can be conducted at other locations within South East Qld, interstate, or at your organisation upon request.

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