Circle of Security: JULY, 2019

$ 210.00$ 280.00


Weekend Workshop (South Brisbane)

This course consists of 2 x Saturday w’shops:

Saturday 20th & 27th July, 2019

9.00am to 2.00pm each day


“Peach Tree Place”

Suite 2 / 6 Vanessa Boulevard, SPRINGWOOD, 4127

(light lunch provided)

Single registration:  $280

Additional registrations:  $210

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Workshop aims:

  • Increase security of attachment of the child to the parent
  • Increase parent’s ability to read child’s cues
  • Increase empathy in the parent for the child
  • Decrease negative attributions of the parent regarding the child’s motivations
  • Increase parent’s capacity to self-reflect
  • Increase parent’s capacity to pause, reflect, and chose security-promoting caregiving behaviors
  • Increase parent’s capacity to regulate stressful emotional states
  • Increase parent’s ability to recognize ruptures in the relationship and facilitate repairs
  • Increase parent’s capacity to provide comfort when their child is in distress

Each workshop will be guided by the COS Parenting DVD, the chapters of which include:

DVD Chapters:

Ch 1:  Welcome to Circle of Security Parenting
Ch 2:  Exploring Our Children’s Needs All The Way Around the Circle
Ch 3:  “Being With” on the Circle
Ch 4:  “Being With” Infants on the Circle
Ch 5:  The Path to Security
Ch 6:  Exploring Our Struggles
Ch 7:  Rupture and Repair in Relationships
Ch 8:  Summary and Celebration