PEPP Talk: Organisational Package

$ 1,600.00


The PEPP Talk Organisational Package includes:

–  Ten (10) hours of parent education

–  Negotiable workshop structure

–  Up to 12 attendees (attendees must remain the same)

–  Folders and handout materials

The organisation must provide:

–  Facilities from which to run the workshop

–  Audio visual requirements

–  Catering requirements

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PEPP Talks will offer a perinatal wellness “package” for expecting parents:

  • Help expecting parents identify their emotional needs and expectations;
  • Help couples prepare and strengthen their personal relationships;
  • Introduce attachment theory and allow consideration of parenting styles;
  • Identify communication support networks and conduct personal inventories for each individual;
  • Introduce the Parenting Partner concept and Peach Tree card;
  • Facilitate discussion around realistic birth plans;
  • Provide opportunities to share post-birth experiences;
  • Educate about perinatal mental illness – signs, symptoms, and supports;
  • Promote early intervention strategies and self-help seeking behaviours;
  • Create friendships and support networks with other expecting parents; and
  • Link parents with other helpful community services and organisations.